FP Cigars

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We take great pride in our selection of tabacos, they are aged and separate carefully to make the great cigars you enjoy from FP Premium Cigars. Following Cuban Manufacturing traditions all the work is done by hand and selected by Master Blenders and Rollers.  


FP cigars are made by hand in Esteli, Nicaragua, The blends in our cigars gives great variety from full to medium body tabacos.

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From Esteli, Nicaragua where some of the finest Cigars are being rolled today…producing some of the finest tabaco leaves, we took advantage of this creating a unique blends like no other…

You Get an easy draw, no overpowering spices, medium to full bodied experience. Bandit doesn’t stop at a rich blend of tabacos, the specific way to hand roll our cigars one by one carefully inspecting every step. Therefore, you get a better ash, burn, smoother draw and enjoy the rich flavor of toasted coffee and chocolate. Some say we go the extra mile, other say we go 90 miles.